Our mission is to be at the forefront of devising analytical, operational, and technical solutions to the most complex national security challenges by delivering superior advice, building trusted partnerships, and augmenting the capabilities of our clients.


Core One was founded on the principle of mission first and making a positive and enduring impact for those we serve. Our dedication comes from our understanding of the critical nature and importance of the missions we serve. Our efforts directly advance national security objectives, thwart attacks, protect the warfighter, and improve the nation’s capabilities on both the foreign and domestic front.


Our expertise is derived from our years of experience in the field. Our professionals have served in fast-paced and dynamic environments and draw from those experiences to assist with capacity building, research, technology, services, and acquisitions advice. We are a trusted partner that brings together different perspectives to assist with solving the most difficult challenges.


Our training is unparalleled in its ability to work with organizations to update and improve their TTPs and methodologies. We have a proven process-oriented planning and development process that starts with understanding the customer’s needs and requirements first. We specialize in merging expertise across various organizations and bringing the most relevant and experienced talent to our programs.


Our long-term perspective is ultimately tied to our dedication to the mission and to improving our nation’s capabilities. We have a fiduciary duty and responsibility to speak truth, provide right guidance and keep our people and processes accountable. We place the utmost value on the trusted relationships with our customers, partners, and employees to accomplish these goals.


Offering industry leading national security services


Our analysis and collection professionals integrate methods, tools, data, technology, and processes to meet our customers' evolving needs.


Comprehensive training solutions, including instructor support, curriculum design, scriptwriting, exercise infrastructure, and facilities support.


Full-cycle systems engineering, information technology, testing, acquisition, and digital solutions that ensure mission-based outcomes.


Expertise, leadership, and unique perspectives

Impact of Smart Cities

City leaders around the world have been implementing smart technologies to make things run more efficiently in the background. Advanced sensor technologies and high-tech command centers have been implemented to manage more complex operations and automate infrastructure systems. Smart cities add digital intelligence to existing urban systems, making it possible to do more efficiently with…

Case Study Method

Pioneered by Harvard Business School faculty to teach graduate business school students, the case method is an innovative educational method that places the student in the role of a decision maker of a major company, nonprofit or government organization. The student is faced with a real-world challenge with constraint and incomplete information found in real…

Elite Cognition

Behind every decision, skillset, and action is a human brain. The way in which people think, decide, observe, and act is critical to the success of any organization. Operational tempo can significantly impact the long-term sustainability and resilience of human operators and without the correct tools to assess this impact, it is impossible to devise…

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