Core One provides high-end operational, training, and technical solutions to support the U.S. national security community as it faces more sophisticated, technically capable, and increasingly complex threats. To meet these challenges, Core One provides our customers with agile and holistic solutions based on the most recent and updated technologies, TTPs and expertise.

Our team consists of a broad spectrum of experiences from across different organizations and agencies, which delivers innovative ideas and integrated solutions.  Our approach is based on ongoing private sector engagement, integration of cutting-edge technology, intimate knowledge of customer mission and unique requirements, and dedication to quality control and efficient business processes.  Today, Core One is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., as recognized by Inc Magazine (2020 Rank #216 in the U.S.). Founded in 2014, Core One is a privately held company headquartered in Sterling, Virginia.

Community Engagement

Core One’s mission focus extends beyond our partnership with government clients. As a company of government and military veterans, we are committed to giving back to the community. We partner with non-profit organizations who share our mission of giving back to those who have sacrificed greatly for our nation.

Core One’s non-profit partners include support to Tuesday’s Children, which aids families of fallen soldiers due to the events of 9/11, post-9/11 military service, or other acts of mass violence, as well as Operation Healing Forces, which helps SOF Operators rehabilitate and reintegrate with their families through therapeutic retreats and other resources.


Core One’s mission focused culture was built on a strong ethical foundation.


We treat each other with respect


We are accountable for our actions


We put service to the mission first


We are empowered to make an impact


We demonstrate integrity in everything we do

Integrity and accountability are revealed through our actions, with every decision we make day to day.