Core One’s professionals integrate methods, tools, data, technology, and processes to meet our customer’s evolving needs. Leveraging all sources of data, our analysts and specialists help our customers make difficult decisions. Our exploitation solutions are tailored to mission-specific needs, planning, establishing ground truth, and empowering decision-makers. Our security experts deliver analysis, operations support and subject matter expertise to achieve mission goals and thwart threats and attacks.



Operations Mission Support

Core One’s analysts, advisors, specialists, and security SMEs provide ongoing analytic and operational support to worldwide missions. Our professionals deliver superior advice, build trusted partnerships, and significantly augment the capabilities of our customers. Core One also specializes in deploying personnel OCONUS to directly support critical forward operations for our customers.

Analysis and Policy Support

Core One provides critical policy support to senior-level customers across the U.S. national security community. Core One’s policy experts lead the development, implementation, and oversight of community-wide strategies, policies and processes, and evaluate the strategic posture and progress toward national goals and objectives. In addition, Core One policy analysts facilitate and enhance the discovery, dissemination, and retrieval of information, improving integration and increasing the success of operations.

Financial and Counter-Threat Analysis Support

Core One’s financial and counter-threat programs provide direct support to global OCONUS threat finance operations. Core One also specializes in providing cleared experts with extensive commercial accounting, auditing, business analysis, and financial forensics analysis backgrounds. Combined with our knowledge of global operations and specialized open source techniques, we provide crucial insight to our national security and law enforcement customers to aid in high profile investigations.