Core One is a leading provider of comprehensive training solutions, including instructor support, curriculum design, script writing, exercise infrastructure, and facilities support. Our training solutions are derived from our deep understanding of the critical nature of augmenting the capabilities of our clients to face ever-evolving national security challenges. Since our founding we have engaged over 600 employees and contractors located throughout the globe to deliver superior training solutions to a wide range of customers.



Training Personnel and Logistics Support

Our support to large scale training programs includes curriculum development, scriptwriting, instructional and role player support, facilities and infrastructure support, exercise design and support, and feedback and evaluations.  We support programs with over 100 students that require 500+ support personnel and large scale procurement of infrastructure, logistics, vehicles, air and watercraft, supplies, and equipment.

Digital Security and Technical Threat Mitigation

Our Digital Security and Technical Threat Mitigation courses teach the methods that attacker’s use to exploit and target their quarries. This prepares students to help understand their TTPs to better protect themselves, their mission and their organization from threats. Topics covered include AI, biometrics, cameras, sensor technologies, cyber and other advanced technical threats.

Realistic Military Training Exercise Support

Our realistic military training and exercise support combines experienced scenario designers, exercise coordinators, role players, evaluators, OPFOR, red cell analysts, facilities and logistical support to replicate a near peer threat environment. Our robust OPFOR and red cell capabilities augment our training by creating a constant feedback loop which hones our instruction, capabilities, and processes.

Elite Cognition and Human Optimization

Our ECHO program integrates the sciences of high-performance, cognition and neurophysiology to increase operator efficiency, cognitive capability, and overall performance. The goal of the course is to improve decision making in high-pressure environments, critical and creative thinking, adaptability, human sensor abilities (i.e. acuity of the eyes and ears), fluid intelligence (i.e., the ability to solve novel and ambiguous problems), situational awareness, and memory skills.