We deliver full cycle systems engineering and information technology solutions that ensure mission-based outcomes from capability acquisition, to deployment, transition, and operations, through mission completion. Our data-driven approach balances incorporating technology, processes, and mission needs to deliver systems engineering, data science and analytics, digital solutions, integration services, and cybersecurity. We specialize in the design, management and integration of complex engineering systems, modernization of legacy applications and IT infrastructure, devops software development, and cloud computing solutions.



Systems Engineering and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Core One provides systems engineering, technical advisory and acquisitions advisory services to support this organization’s ongoing major systems acquisitions programs that are integrating information systems across multiple agencies. Our professionals provide acquisitions and procurements advice, technical and scientific advisory services to the Program Management Office (PMO), systems engineering and enterprise architect advice for the integration of large complex IT systems and policy, and strategy analysis and management services.

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation and Cybersecurity Services

Core One’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud-implementation specialists are advising this organization on data migration, identity management, systems and network engineering, AWS cybersecurity, and database management. Our professionals help map out and plan the details of the migration, which requires a certain level of expertise from both the organization and from private industry. Our specialists include AWS Certified Solutions Architects, Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) and Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP).

Digital Signatures Assessment

Our Digital Signature Assessment offerings combine digital forensic analysis, threat hunting, and mission risk analysis to provide device-based and persona-based reports and mission impact statements. Our operational expertise means faster understanding of the customer mission challenges and insightful selection of the right technology solutions to lead to better mission outcomes.